Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paper + Cardboard Sandals

In this assignment I had to create a pair of shoes myself and then create a personalized pair for our partner. On top of creating the structural integrity of the shoe we also had to incorporate our partner's personality into the shoe. Because of partner's origins from Peru I used a weave to create the checkered pattern and I chose purple because it was her favorite color.

By far my favorite tread design. The top half reminded me of a skelaton of a fish. Coupled with the bottom tread it took the loose shape of an exclamation point.

In an effort to create a cohesive evolution of sandal design, I chose to create this tread design reminiscent of a question mark while still following the weight distribution of the foot. Since it the last in the cardboard sandal triptych I decided to be adventurous and utilize colored cardboard.
The first tread pattern, an exploration of weight distribution. I took the initial amount of treads for one sandal, and halved them. It turned out I was able to use half of the initially planned amount to support my weight.

Before cutting out the final shoe I created a template and mapped out where the truncated cone treads would go.Original sketches where I took the final form and treads from.
Early sketches of tread patterns for my cardboard sandals.

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